From the second I entered The Vagabond, it was clear something special was about to happen. …And from there it was a full 75 minutes of wonder: cabaret, acrobatics and burlesque, embellished by an energy that rips through the audience.  I could write about this show for days, but just know that I’m burning to see it again.
Jackson Polley, Aspire Magazine


An Organised Pandemonium Production

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Craig ilott
Set & Costume Designer
James Browne
Lighting Designer
Matthew Marshall
Music Director
Joe Accaria
Technical Manager
Stuart Couzens
Lucas Newland
Joe Accaria
Emma Goh
Chaska Halliday
Marcia Hines
Mirko Kockenberger
Brendan Maclean
Rechelle Mansour
Perle Noire
Craig Reid
Stephen Williams